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Manchester United Football Club is an English football club, located at the Old Trafford stadium in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, and probably the most admired football club in the world, with over 50 million supporters across the world. Manchester United Football Club is a world-famous English football club, with a capacity of over 76,000 and the highest average gate in the league. Manchester United Football Club is perhaps the single thing for which the city of Manchester is most famed. The tradition of Manchester United football club is magnificnet and most fans have a real affinity to the club. Manchester has a tradition of excellence in sport. Manchester United Football Club is less than 2 from the University, first class cricket can be seen at Old Trafford, and Salford has one of the top Rugby League teams in the country, the celebrated Salford Reds.


Since the late 1990s, the club has been one of the richest in the world, and until recently had the top revenue of any football club for many years running. Nearly overnight, English football re-invented itself as a glamorous sport with enormous commercial appeal. The enormous power and reach of TV is turning football into one of the world’s most lucrative sports. The club is one of the most triumphant clubs in England, having won the FA Premier League/Football League fifteen times, FA Cup eleven times and the European Cup/UEFA Champions League twice.


They also became the 1st English teams to participate in the European Cup, at the behest of the FA, who had deprived Chelsea the same opportunity the prior season, and reached the semi-final, only to be knocked out by Real Madrid. Tragedy hit the following season, when the plane carrying the team home from a European Cup match crashed on take-off at a refuelling break in Munich, Germany. The plane skidded off the end of the runway, through a fence and into an unoccupied house. Despite the accident, they reached the FA Cup final again, where they lost to Bolton Wanderers. Manchester United have won silverware on a frequent basis throughout their proud and successful history and on the domestic front have won the both the old First Division Championship and the Premier League, the old Second Division, and the FA Cup and League Cup. By the time Matt Busby left in 69 United had won five First Division titles, two FA Cup Finals and of course became the earliest English team to win the European Cup in 1968.


When Manchester United visited Thailand in 97, 1000s of United fans went to the national stadium in Bangkok to see their heroes in the flesh; but the closest most of The Clubs Asian supporters got to viewing their team is on national TV, where the whole British Premiership is promoted almost daily.

Up to 67,500 fans regularly pack into Old Trafford to see Manchester United play football. Like mentioned earlier, the biggest group of fans can be found in Asia. This has enabled Manchester United to create an interactive, on-line football community that will become the definitive match and club experience for all its fans, on match days, during the build up, and then the after-match scrutiny. Maintaining their position could not have been done without the fans across the world that have turned into United-consumers in the meantime. Of course, when in Manchester, Manchester United football club is one of the 1st things that springs to mind for nearly everyone, so a visit to their stadium at Old Trafford is a frequent pilgrimage for fans.


The Manchester United Football Club is an English Club that was formed in 1878 and was formally known as Newton Heath LYR(Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway). They have been nicknamed the “Red Devils” and “United”. Their home ground is the Old Trafford stadium located in Greater Manchester. The capacity of this stadium is 76,312 and is of only two stadiums in England, which have been given the UEFA 5-star rating. The current chairmen of the club are Joel and Avram Glazer and Sir Alex Ferguson has been the manager of the club for the past 20 years and the current captain is Gary Neville.

Manchester United have had to fight their way to the top to be the best soccer team in England. They have had their share of hurdles in the past like the bombing on Old Trafford during the Second World War and the Munich air disaster which claimed the lives of eight players of United when the British European Airways Flight 609 crashed on take-off at Munich, Germany. Manchester United were recently defeated in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League on the 2nd of May 2007 by AC Milan where Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite A.K.A Kaka scored the opening goal of the match only to defeat United by 3-0 at San Siro. But one should not forget that Manchester United is the first and only team to win the Treble. They did this in the year of 1998-99, when the Red Devils won the Premier league on the final day by defeating Tottenham Hotspurs 2-1, which was enough to put them ahead of Arsenal who defeated Aston Villa 1-0. United won 2-0 against Newcastle United in the finals of the FA Cup. United also went on to win the UEFA Champions League by defeating Bayern Munich in the final 2-1 during injury time. This was considered to be one of the greatest comebacks ever witnessed in the history of football. The Red Devils have won the English Premier league 16 times, the FA Cup 11 times (a record), the League Cup and the UEFA Champions League Cup twice and the Intercontinental Cup and the European Super Cup once.

Sir Alex Ferguson tried to sign Ronaldinho in the year of 2003, but the deal fell through. This was because the Manchester United and PSG could not agree upon the fee and lost the bid to FC Barcelona who signed Ronaldinho for £50million. Manchester United’s current first team line up consists of goalkeeper Edwin van der sar; defenders Gary Neville (captain), Patrice Evra, Gabriel Heinz, Rio Ferdinand; midfielders Michael Carrick, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs (vice captain) and forwards like Wayne Rooney and Luis Saha. Their current starting line up has skilled substitutes on the bench comprising of players from all over the world. They are the Premier League Champions of 2007 with only one match to go in this season and Chelsea six points behind them at second place. Manchester United is to face Chelsea in the finals of the FA Cup on the 19th May 2007 at the new Wembley Stadium.

Considering The Red Devils achievements in the past and the way they have grown as a soccer club and the way they have handled the difficult situations, they can be considered as the greatest soccer club of all time.


Manchester United FC is a British football club, based at Old Trafford stadium in Trafford, Greater Manchester. It is the most popular Football Club in the world with over 330 million supporters worldwide, almost 5 percent of the world’s population. The club was a founding member of the Premier League in 1992. The club has played in top division of English football, since 1975.

Manchester United FC was formed in 1978 by the laborers working at the Yorkshire and Lancashire Railway depots in Newton Health. During that time, it was termed Newton Health FC. They named the club as the Manchester United FC in 1902.

Currently owned by American billionaire Malcolm Glazer, Manchester United FC is perhaps the world’s best-known sporting brand and undeniably, football’s biggest club.

Average attendance at the club is higher than any other English football team. The club has been victorious in English football for over 20 years, since 1985-86 seasons. They have won 18 major championships, which is the highest number. They are the Premiere League’s reigning champions and have won the Premier league for 16 times.

In 1968, they won European Cup for the first time. They also hold the record for the most FA cup titles with 11 wins. Since the late 1990s, the club has become one of the richest in the world with the highest revenue of $1.4 million.

Everton FC:

Everton FC is a British FC situated in Liverpool city. This is one of the topmost successful English football clubs in respect of major honors. The club has won the League championship nine times, won UEFA Cup once, and FA cup five times. Everton FC is best known for notable rivalry against Liverpool Football Club.

Liverpool FC:

Liverpool FC is a professional English Football club located in Liverpool, Merseyside. It is the most successful football club in the English Football history. Liverpool FC has won the English League title 18 times with the last title being won in the year 1990. It has won the European cup five times, which is a notable English record. Apart from Liverpool football club, only Real Madrid and A.C. Milan have achieved the competition of Europe’s premier club several times. 

Manchester United are arguably the best club in the world, but this multi-million pound club started as Newton Heath L&YR F.C. in 1878, as the works team for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot at Newton Health.Â

They played on a small, dilapidated field on North Road, near the future site of the Manchester Piccadilly railway station for fifteen years, and then in 1983 they moved to play on Bank Street in a nearby town called Clayton. In 1902 this ground was closed as Manchester United were nearly kicked out of the football league due to debts of two thousand and five hundred pounds, but thankfully just before the club could be shut down they received a large investment from J.H.Davies, the managing director of Manchester breweries.

Manchester United’s first major signing was of Charlie Roberts of Grimsby Town for £750 in April 1904, they believe that this signing helped Manchester United to third in the very next season. In the 1905-1906 season Manchester United were finally promoted to the First Division, where two years later they emerged as champions for the very first time.Â

On the 19th of February Manchester United played their first game in the still standing Old Trafford stadium, their first game was looking an ease, beating Liverpool 3-0 at half time only to lose 4-3, they went on that season to win no silver wear, and in the next ten years the club started declining in the ranks until 1922 when they were relegated back down to Division Two.

Three seasons before world war two, Manchester United were promoted, then relegated, then promoted once again, providing them with a spot in division one once the war was finally over.

In the season of 1956-57, Manchester United became the first season to compete in the European Cup, and it was in this competition that Manchester United recorded their biggest win to date, beating a Belgium team 10-0 before being knocked out in the semi finals by Real Madrid.

Tragedy struck the next season as a plane crash killed 8 of Manchester United’s players on a trip to the Germany for a European match. Geoff Bent, Roger Byrne, Eddie Colman, Duncan Edwards, Mark Jones, David Pegg, Tommy Taylor and Liam Whelan where the players killed that day, these players will never be forgotten.

In the early 70’s Manchester United changed the badge to the badge we know off today. Soon after that, in 1986, the introduction of Sir Alex Ferguson was happening as he took over the manager’s position.Â

Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t have much success at Manchester united until the year of 1998 where his team secured the best season in the history of English Football, completing the treble of the Premier League, the FA cup and the Champions League.

Manchester United seemed ordinary until the season of 2006-07 when they won the Premier League, scraping past Chelsea. This gave Manchester United and their young guns of Rooney and Ronaldo confidence to rule the scenes in the next season as Manchester United completed the double, winning the Premier League and the European Cup.


Players dribble to either move into open space, create goal scoring opportunities and to maintain possession of the ball. As a player it’s important during you all soccer training sessions that you are continually learning and maintaining your dribbling skills. Ensuring that you have the ability to execute moves with both feet.

Developing the ability to be able to perform dummies and tricks with both feet gives the dribbler the gift of being unpredictable, a player that is able to use both feet has the potential to beat a defender to either the left or the right. Being able to dribble and execute moves using both feet allows the attacker to dictate to the defender. Using both feet makes it hard for the defender to predict which way the attacker may go.

To succeed as an attacker against the defender 1V1, you must ensure that you approach the defender correctly. To beat a defender you must either put the defender off balance or make the defender over commit allowing you to go past the defender. It’s important when dribbling at defenders that use your pace to your advantage, as the defender is often running backwards which makes it easier to you to change direction faster. It’s important when dribbling at defenders that you create little angles that give you the advantage as the dribbler.

They are many tricks and dummies and attacker can use to either make the defender over commit or put the defender off balance. Such as the 360. To execute the 360, first, push the ball forward stop it with the sole of one foot while stepping past it, turn and drag the ball with the sole of the other foot continue turning all the way around and take the ball away from the defender. This move is extremely effective when the attackers touch is a little to be in a defender over commit thinking that he can win the ball before the attacker can. As you see the defender over commit perform the 360 allowing you to maintain possession of the ball and take that defender out of the game.

another move that allows an attacker to either keep the ball or beat a defender is the cut back (Cruyff turn). To perform the cut back either fake to shoot pass or cross the ball and in the one motion bring the ball back with the inside of the foot under the body. This move is extremely effective to making defenders over commit which allows you to dribble past the opposition. The move if performed correctly give the attacking player the necessary time and space to be able to pick out a team mate in a better position.

The secret to being a successful dribbler is consistently working hard to improve your technique and having the confidence in your own ability that you can beat any defender that you are confronted by. It’s important when starting to learn new tricks and dummies that you take it slow and slowly build up the speed in which you perform the particular skill. The biggest letdown in most players when dribbling is a do not have enough confidence in their own ability that they will be the defender, they will often let the defender dictate the play and the dribbler will then slow down giving the advantage to the defender. When dribbling at a defender you must dribble at pace where it is comfortable to you to perform dummies but not to slow where it is not putting the defender back on his heels. Lastly it is important that you work hard in your soccer training to further enhance your skills.

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Bending the ball is an advanced soccer skill that makes it possible to kick around opponents. You’ll commonly see it performed when kicking around a wall.

While beginners should focus on making hard, accurate, straight kicks, advanced players will find this technique an effective weapon in their offensive arsenal. Here are the basics for bending the ball.

The key to bending a ball is to kick it off-center and hard enough to make the ball spin. The harder the ball is kicked, and the more off-center it is contacted, the greater the spin and the greater the bend. Applying spin to the ball is the same method used by baseball pitchers to make the ball curve and dip.

Here’s how to control the direction in which the ball bends. All instructions are for a player striking with the right foot.

To bend the ball from right to left, make contact with the ball an inch or two off-center, towards the opposite side of the ball. In order to accomplish this, plant your left foot a little closer to the ball than usual (four-to-six inches, instead of the normal six-to-eight inches).

To bend the ball from left to right, make contact with the ball an inch or two off-center, to the near side of the ball. To accomplish this, plant your left foot an inch or two farther from the ball (eight-to-ten inches, instead of the normal six-to-eight inches). You can also make contact with the outside of the foot.

Bending the ball down allows the ball to clear a wall, then dip downwards to the goal. Make contact slightly above the center of the ball, which produces top-spin. To accomplish this, plant your left foot the standard six-to-eight inches away from the ball, but an inch or two forward of your normal plant point.

Remember, in order to successfully bend the ball, it’s important to be aggressive and kick the ball hard.
To contact the correct spot on the ball, be sure to focus the eyes on that spot and not lift the head until after contact is made.

1. To Bend the Ball to the Left, Contact it to the Right of Center.
2. To Bend the Ball to the Right, Contact it to the Left of Center.
3. To Bend the Ball Downward, Contact it Above the Center Point

Practice these pointers and soon you’ll be bending the ball around any obstacle between you and the net. Good luck on the pitch!

The AC Milan Captain Paolo Maldini is looking for a revenge against the Argentine team Boca Juniors in the final of the FIFA Club World Cup. They are both the favorites to meet in the final on December 16th in Yokohama.

In 2003 Milan lost by penalties against the Argentine team during the Toyota Cup, the forerunners of the cup are trying to keep the crown for this year’s Club World Cup also.

“It’s not pleasant to think about matches we have lost in the past,” Maldini said Friday. “But we lost to Boca and that’s the team I think about the most”.
From December 7th to the 16th, the Club World Cup features the champions of FIFA’s continental club competitions. African champion Etoile Sahel of Tunisia, CONCACAF champion CF Pachuca of Mexico, Asian winners Urawa Reds, Oceania winner Waitekere United of New Zealand and Asian runner-up Sepahan of Iran are the other clubs participating.
The AC Milan and Boca joined the competition at the semifinal phase, with the Italians playing on Thursday against either Japan’s Urawa or the winner of Friday’s playoff between Sepahan and Waitekere.
This is very important for the Italians, as the Milan vice president Adriano Galliani said, it was important just as when they won the Champions League Cup against Liverpool in May.
“We have to put in all our energy to win the trophy,” said Galliani. “It’s a major objective to take this trophy home.”
The AC Milan Coach Carlo Ancelotti is a little concerned on the results or consequences the tournament will have on the team, since his mayor problem right now is that fact they are in 8th position 16 points away from the current leader Inter Milan.
“There are three matches waiting for us at home right after this tournament and we have to recondition ourselves immediately so we are at our best.” said Ancelotti.
Also Maldini, the 39-year old Italian announced that he is not planning on leaving his team before time, since he announced his retirement from football next year.
“I have a contract with Milan until next June and I have no intention of not honoring it,’ Maldini told reporters. ‘I am fit and focused on winning the Club World Cup.”


The 31-year-old Brazilian professional football player Ronaldo who currently plays for the Italian Calcio Serie A could miss the rest of the season; due to his most recent knee injury which has arose plenty of worries and concerns . Ronaldo’s injury happened while playing the match between his team – the AC Milan against Livorno only last Wednesday.

Ronaldo ruptured his right knee tendon and will now face a last minute surgery in Paris under the supervision of French Surgeon Gerard Saillant. It is known by all of us that this is not the footballer’s first neither the last surgery he has had to carry through since all began back in the year 2000 with his bad knee injury; calf and thigh problems.

Ronaldo; who is considered one of the Brazilian phenomenon enjoyed success very early in life as he showed the kind of potential he was capable of delivering. After playing for a few years in the national Brazilian Championship he was scouted by Piet de Visser and was transferred to PSV Eindhoven; shortly after he was spotted by the Spaniard club Barca for whom he played during one season 1996-1997. During this period he participated in the UEFA cup and the Copa del Rey.

Then it was Inter Milan’s chance to sign the Brazilian and Ronaldo played for the Italians showered by goals and good performances until the striker suffered a knee injury and had to go into surgery for the first time. In 2002 Ronaldo participated in the 2002 World Cup opening way for Brazil to win the fifth World Title. That same year he was transferred to Real Madrid where he stayed until 2006.

The footballer then made his debut with his long remembered European team AC Milan on February 11, 2007. And continued his contract with a new team. Despite his successful career and after being named amongst the 125 greatest living football players; Ronaldo is pretty much against the wall as he is more less eight years older than when he first injured his knee and it is likely he will have to either leave for a long period and set his career on stand-by or even think about a possible retirement if his health requires it.

It is definitely a tough call for Ronaldo who has been playing in the Italian Calcio for more than a year now while things went pretty well. It is true his performance is not as it was 10 years ago but he still has it in him to excel in his game and backup his team mates. He is someone you want to have as part of any football team for the experience, the knowledge and the respect he represents.

Hopefully, we will soon enough hear Ronaldo will be back on the field and will continue to delight us with his style of play.


Goalkeeping Gloves are cool. The Goalkeeper in a soccer or football game is considered as one of the key players. It is this player who saves the team by making sure that the other teams ball does not score appoint.

The function of a goalkeeper is to catch the football which is being aimed into the goalpost and mostly the goalkeeper does it by trying to catch the ball which is being kicked into the net.

This is why it is of utmost importance that goalkeepers wear gloves so that they can have a better grip on the ball and also their fingers, palm and wrists are well protected and cushioned so that they are not hurt by the speed of the ball. It is a known fact that football players called strikers tend to kick the ball with terrific speed.

And in order to protect themselves from hurting their hands while trying to catch the ball it is essential that goalkeepers are fitted with the best possible pair of gloves.

Depending on the level of skills of the goalie, different weather conditions and pockets there are a variety of goalie gloves. Most goalkeepers have 2 pairs of gloves, one which they use for practice and the other for the main game. The best soccer players use an inexpensive glove pair during practice while they wear the best expensive pair for the game.

Goalkeeper gloves are made of smooth latex which gives the best possible grip while there are also gloves which are made from dimpled and textured latex which provide more durability but these are not as good as the latex gloves. It is a known fact that the thicker the latex the performance of the gloves also is much better. Better protection is given to the wrist and finger bands so they are not hurt.

It is essential that the goalie gloves fit the wearer snuggly but not too tightly. The hand should fit correctly inside the glove and there should not be much movement inside. The gloves should be well padded and flexible so that the ball can be manipulated.

If you are a goalie try to make sure you buy the correct fitting gloves for yourself. Some goalkeepers buy gloves which are slightly bigger so that the bigger surface area of the gloves offers them the scope of stopping the ball easily without much effort. Gloves sizes are of the same size as that of the shoe size.

Keep in mind that when an expensive pair of goalie gloves is purchased and used then that it will not last you for very long because the material used to make these are not as durable as the ones used to make cheaper pairs.

Different manufacturers use different formulations of latex and have them patented to make goalie gloves.
Adidas is one of the best companies which make good quality goalie gloves which provide maximum gripping properties and the best fit so as to stay injury free.