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So you think you’ve got what it takes to walk alongside the Mourinhos, Wengers and Fergusons in the new season? Don’t be just another Rafa Benitez this season, read this guide and win the league – it’s as simple as that. Follow this 10-step guide to winning your Fantasy Football League and separate yourself from all of the other ‘nearly-was’ managers of the past.

1. Buy Cristiano Ronaldo.
This doesn’t literally mean buy Cristiano Ronaldo and you will win the league (although this was true in the 07/08 season). There will be a Ronaldo for all seasons, you just need to work out who it will be when you buy your players. Every season in Fantasy Football a player will be bought by almost every, if not all, participating teams. This may seem the boring way of gaining points but it is also a great way of not losing ground on your opponents. You may think it’s brave to ignore the trend but it generally ends in sadness and floods of tears – you have been warned.

2. Read the rules.
Every Fantasy Football League is different and each has its own set of rules. Points are scored in a variety of ways across many different leagues and so make yourself aware of the rules you are playing by. If there are transfers, formations, substitutes or captains – you must use this to your best ability or risk losing out to your bitter rivals.

3. Avoid high-profile substitutes.
Don’t break the bank bringing in the latest big signing from one of the ‘Big Four’ if he is going to warm the bench for half the season. Often expensive players at the bigger clubs will score dramatically less than a first-team regular at one of the mid-table teams or even a relegation-battler. An example of this could be the signing of Chelsea’s Florent Malouda when Simon Davies at Fulham contributed a much greater points total.

4. Midfield goalscorers.
In my opinion these are even more valuable than the prolific centre forward scoring 20 goals a season. In many fantasy leagues, midfielders will receive more points for scoring than a forward so don’t miss out on these valuable assets. Take a gamble on penalty-takers and corner-takers that play in midfield and relax on your sun lounger as the points just keep on rolling in.

5. Take advantage of positional errors.
Players can often be categorised in the wrong position so don’t ignore these precious finds. An example would likely be a forward registered as a midfielder or midfielder named as a defender. As they play in a more advanced position than their category suggests, there will sometimes be the chance of more goals/assists being attributed to your player. This is not going to change the world, but the extra points that you can gain could mean the difference between 1st and 2nd, and no-one remembers the Fantasy Football runners-up.

6. Don’t let your heart rule your head.
If you are playing Fantasy Football it is likely that you will have some sort of allegiance or favouritism towards a certain team (this may also extend to a hatred of another team). In my championship winning success of 07/08, a close rival continuously refused to purchase Cristiano Ronaldo as he felt it betrayed his beloved Arsenal. Sadly, he relented somewhat belatedly and fell short in the title run-in. On the other side of the coin is the ‘loyal supporter’ that perseveres with signing players from their own team despite them festering at the bottom of the league. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them as much if you don’t want to buy a goalie that concedes four of five goals a game. It’s a serious business.

7. Don’t panic buy.
If there is a transfer or team selection deadline try not to jump in and make rash decisions losing you valuable points. Beware of mid-week fixtures such as European games or Internationals that could cause injuries to your key performers. Avoid making changes before the weekend if your players will be occupied with FA Cup games – check the fixtures for the ‘gameweek’ and adjust your team accordingly.

8. Plan ahead.
Many internet-based fantasy football leagues will offer the transfer system for teams to trade one player per week without a points deduction. Use this transfer wisely and you can benefit massively from such a small piece of forward-thinking. If you notice that Man Utd are playing bottom of the league next week, transfer in a player from Man Utd for the two weeks before to ensure you gain maximum potential from this fixture. I won my Fantasy Football League on the strength of one such transfer when i brought in Frank Lampard the week before a home game against Derby County – he went on to score four goals.

9. Remain focussed.
So you are top of the league with a few games to play – don’t take your foot off the gas. Titles are won and lost in the closing stages, so don’t let the title slip through your fingers by losing concentration at the last minute. Treat every game as a cup final and pay close attention to detail to maximise your points haul. You are nearly champions so don’t take your eye of the ball.

10. Beware the end of season circus.
This is the final stumbling block for the potential Fantasy Football champion. Every year there will be a series of shock team selections and ridiculous results to incense every football fan, bookmaker and fantasy football manager across the country. Don’t be surprised when Rafa Benitez drops Torres and Gerrard or when the Premier League’s whipping boys pull out a fantastic victory to beat relegation. At the end of the long, hard Premier League season you must learn to expect the unexpected.

So, good luck my fantasy football friends and listen to my advice… glory could be yours.


Chelsea Football Club is an English professional football club based in Stamford Bridge in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The club is also known by the nickname “The Blues” or “The Pensioners”. Its traditional kit is royal blue shirts and shorts. The club’s crest features a ceremonial blue lion, which holds a staff in his paws.

Chelsea football club was founded in 1905 and was elected to the Football League. Since its foundation the club has played in Stamford Bridge which has a capacity of 42,055 people. Today, Chelsea is considered one of the most successful clubs in the history of English football. In the 60-s and the 90-s they have had two significant periods of success, having won major trophies. The club has won three league titles, four League Cups, two UEFA Winners’ Cups and four FA Cups.

Chelsea is a very popular football club, with many of Chelsea fans, constantly searching for Chelsea news and Chelsea gossip. Its matches have the fifth highest average in English football, attracting over 40,000 people. In 2003 the club was bought by Roman Abramovich, Russian oil tycoon. Chelsea is traditionally associated with working class, although lately it was criticized for becoming a more elitist club due to the raise of ticket prizes. Unlike many other football clubs, Chelsea doesn’t have a long-standing traditional rivalry with any other clubs. Chelsea rumors and gossip are depicted in many articles in the Net and in newspapers. Chelsea fans publish fan magazines, which describe the latest Chelsea news and articles depicting victories of their favorite club.


The Trafford Centre is a large indoor shopping centre located in Trafford in Greater Manchester, England.

It has 118,766 square meters (1.2m square feet) of retail space and attracts 29 million visits annually. It is made up of 4 main areas: Peel Avenue, Regent Crescent, The Dome and The Orient. The centre is owned by the Peel Holdings. The centre was designed so that visitors enter on both of the two main shopping floors in equal numbers. This helps avoid the problem suffered by other centers, such as the Metro Centre, where visitors do not go to upper floors meaning that many big retailers avoid upper floor units.

The Dome
The Dome is in the middle of the centre and is home to more up market stores such as the first Selfridges outside of London.

Regent Crescent
Regent Crescent is the area where most of the high end designer stores are situated like Karen Millen, Jane Norman, Gap and Mexx, it is home to two bookshops as well as Water stones and Borders and it is also home to two department stores BHS and Debenhams which is at the end of Regent Crescent.

One of the joys of life is the opportunity that it gives to visit different countries and see different cultures. Indeed, travelling to distant places can be lot of fun. With the salaries of people showing rapid increase more and more people are showing keen interest in visiting places which they have heard and seen in books and films alone. And one place which has risen like phoenix in the world of tourism is Manchester. That beautiful city located in Northern England. A place renown for several rocking tourist spots and smashing locales. Tourists have no dearth of things to do in Manchester.

It would be of considerable interest to know that Manchester was the place where mid-nineteenth century industrial revolution took place. This is the reason why Manchester is also referred as the first industrial city. The town is also the headquarter of the famous soccer club Manchester United. Home to some of the most dazzling locales Manchester entices the tourists to come again and again. No doubt that with people getting an opportunity to do as many things to do in Manchester as they like, the whole tour becomes a treasure of memories.

There are several things to do in Manchester for a tourist. Manchester after all is home to some of the extremely well maintained monuments, plazas, squares and gardens. Other prominent things that can be inculded in the impressive list is the Great Northern Square, Spring Gardens, Cathedral Gardens, New Cathedral Street and Chinatown. It would also be interesting to note that Manchester Chinatown is the second largest in Europe and largest in England. There are several buildings in Manchester the origin of which dates back to Victorian era.

All these things point towards one fact that there are plenty of things to do in Manchester for tourists and they can come back feeling completely contented from the time and money they spent there.

The young Portuguese football player phenomenon Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro has become the centre fold of attention in Europe now that he plays with the Manchester United as well as around the world.

Ronaldo was born in Funchal, Madeira Portugal in 1985 and has been known for his natural born talent since he was an infant. By eight years of age he was already playing with Andorinha and just a couple of years later two top teams were interested in having Ronaldo as part of their groups; Ronaldo then signed with CD Nacional and subsequently became part of Sporting.

His early career steps were very difficult as he struggled with his team mates and the fact he was living in a different city – Lisbon. But his outstanding performance set the differences between him and the rest of the players. His first international debut was at the UEFA Under 17 Championship.

In 2003 he was then quickly spotted by Sir Alex Ferguson of the Manchester United at the friendly match at the Alvalade XXI stadium between Sporting and Manchester. Ronaldo’s abilities as a two-footer player allow him to play on both wings and be an volatile and tricky winger besides his utmost technical skills and air game became the facts which engaged Ferguson’s quest to acquire the footballer.

Ronaldo is the first Portuguese player to ever play with the club; his contract was for £12.24 millions. During his time with the Manchester club Ronaldo obtained the FIFPro Special Young Player of the Year Award in 2005, he also ranked among the FIFA’s top players and he was awarded the Barclays Player of month (2006). More recently, there were rumours the young Red Devil would leave the British and would play for the Real Madrid that was willing to play over 80 million Euros for the transfer; but those shadows were hastily dissolved as he was offered a five-year contract extension and £120,000 weekly to remain with the club.

For this year’s campaign; Ronaldo has shown that he is the man who gets the job done as the club is leading the table of rankings of the English Premier League while he keeps scoring goals; a total of 27 in all games just this season. The Portuguese’s potential seems to increase as he continues to play therefore it is very likely Ronaldo will stay in England for a good amount of time.


Manchester United Captain Gary Neville believes the team is well prepared to win this season Champions League due to the ability and the preparation the team possesses.

Last year the Manchester United was defeated by the AC Milan, but the team players think they can overcome Barcelona and prove they are better suited this new season.

Manchester Manager Sir Alex Ferguson has invested a lot of money in new players after making an exhaustive research he decided to bring Carlos Tevez, Owen Hargreaves as well as the promising couple of Anderson and Nani to the squad.

Actually it was Tevez who scored the goal that marked the victory of Manchester over Roma and sealed the ticket to the semifinals 3-0.

Neville said “We have a great chance this season. Once you get to a semi-final anything can happen. We are playing well at the moment and winning games regularly. Last year we were maybe not quite ready. This year we have the players to go all the way. The games and the atmosphere against Barcelona will be brilliant. There will be some great players on show. Both teams like attack. I do not think defense is the priority.”

Ferguson could even afford to leave 37-goal Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes on the bench with a crucial Barclays Premier League match against Arsenal to come on Sunday.

Also; Neville’s words echoed into another experienced campaigner Ryan Giggs who was a Neville’s team mate nine years ago when both of them used to play with the Bayern Munich. He agreed with what Neville had to say and also is expecting a great English final in Moscow; since the other two teams involved in the semifinals are the Chelsea who must face Liverpool in the next few weeks.

Giggs also thinks that Manchester has a lot of possibilities of winning over the Barcelona team since this season is not the best for the Spaniard team. He thinks the one who wins is the one who is going to perform better in two legs.

He also thinks that all of the 4 teams that are right now in the semifinals are capable of winning the Champions League this season.

“If you are not up for that game you never will be. Both are very good teams. It is whoever performs best over the two legs mentioned Giggs. The four teams left are all capable of winning the Champions League. It is all about what happens on the day. Games against Barcelona are what you want, playing against great teams”.

Manchester United set a new record by having 11 straight home victories by defeating Roma last Wednesday.


Manchester United Football Club is an English football club, located at the Old Trafford stadium in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, and probably the most admired football club in the world, with over 50 million supporters across the world. Manchester United Football Club is a world-famous English football club, with a capacity of over 76,000 and the highest average gate in the league. Manchester United Football Club is perhaps the single thing for which the city of Manchester is most famed. The tradition of Manchester United football club is magnificnet and most fans have a real affinity to the club. Manchester has a tradition of excellence in sport. Manchester United Football Club is less than 2 from the University, first class cricket can be seen at Old Trafford, and Salford has one of the top Rugby League teams in the country, the celebrated Salford Reds.


Since the late 1990s, the club has been one of the richest in the world, and until recently had the top revenue of any football club for many years running. Nearly overnight, English football re-invented itself as a glamorous sport with enormous commercial appeal. The enormous power and reach of TV is turning football into one of the world’s most lucrative sports. The club is one of the most triumphant clubs in England, having won the FA Premier League/Football League fifteen times, FA Cup eleven times and the European Cup/UEFA Champions League twice.


They also became the 1st English teams to participate in the European Cup, at the behest of the FA, who had deprived Chelsea the same opportunity the prior season, and reached the semi-final, only to be knocked out by Real Madrid. Tragedy hit the following season, when the plane carrying the team home from a European Cup match crashed on take-off at a refuelling break in Munich, Germany. The plane skidded off the end of the runway, through a fence and into an unoccupied house. Despite the accident, they reached the FA Cup final again, where they lost to Bolton Wanderers. Manchester United have won silverware on a frequent basis throughout their proud and successful history and on the domestic front have won the both the old First Division Championship and the Premier League, the old Second Division, and the FA Cup and League Cup. By the time Matt Busby left in 69 United had won five First Division titles, two FA Cup Finals and of course became the earliest English team to win the European Cup in 1968.


When Manchester United visited Thailand in 97, 1000s of United fans went to the national stadium in Bangkok to see their heroes in the flesh; but the closest most of The Clubs Asian supporters got to viewing their team is on national TV, where the whole British Premiership is promoted almost daily.

Up to 67,500 fans regularly pack into Old Trafford to see Manchester United play football. Like mentioned earlier, the biggest group of fans can be found in Asia. This has enabled Manchester United to create an interactive, on-line football community that will become the definitive match and club experience for all its fans, on match days, during the build up, and then the after-match scrutiny. Maintaining their position could not have been done without the fans across the world that have turned into United-consumers in the meantime. Of course, when in Manchester, Manchester United football club is one of the 1st things that springs to mind for nearly everyone, so a visit to their stadium at Old Trafford is a frequent pilgrimage for fans.

The Manchester United Football Club is an English Club that was formed in 1878 and was formally known as Newton Heath LYR(Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway). They have been nicknamed the “Red Devils” and “United”. Their home ground is the Old Trafford stadium located in Greater Manchester. The capacity of this stadium is 76,312 and is of only two stadiums in England, which have been given the UEFA 5-star rating. The current chairmen of the club are Joel and Avram Glazer and Sir Alex Ferguson has been the manager of the club for the past 20 years and the current captain is Gary Neville.

Manchester United have had to fight their way to the top to be the best soccer team in England. They have had their share of hurdles in the past like the bombing on Old Trafford during the Second World War and the Munich air disaster which claimed the lives of eight players of United when the British European Airways Flight 609 crashed on take-off at Munich, Germany. Manchester United were recently defeated in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League on the 2nd of May 2007 by AC Milan where Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite A.K.A Kaka scored the opening goal of the match only to defeat United by 3-0 at San Siro. But one should not forget that Manchester United is the first and only team to win the Treble. They did this in the year of 1998-99, when the Red Devils won the Premier league on the final day by defeating Tottenham Hotspurs 2-1, which was enough to put them ahead of Arsenal who defeated Aston Villa 1-0. United won 2-0 against Newcastle United in the finals of the FA Cup. United also went on to win the UEFA Champions League by defeating Bayern Munich in the final 2-1 during injury time. This was considered to be one of the greatest comebacks ever witnessed in the history of football. The Red Devils have won the English Premier league 16 times, the FA Cup 11 times (a record), the League Cup and the UEFA Champions League Cup twice and the Intercontinental Cup and the European Super Cup once.

Sir Alex Ferguson tried to sign Ronaldinho in the year of 2003, but the deal fell through. This was because the Manchester United and PSG could not agree upon the fee and lost the bid to FC Barcelona who signed Ronaldinho for £50million. Manchester United’s current first team line up consists of goalkeeper Edwin van der sar; defenders Gary Neville (captain), Patrice Evra, Gabriel Heinz, Rio Ferdinand; midfielders Michael Carrick, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs (vice captain) and forwards like Wayne Rooney and Luis Saha. Their current starting line up has skilled substitutes on the bench comprising of players from all over the world. They are the Premier League Champions of 2007 with only one match to go in this season and Chelsea six points behind them at second place. Manchester United is to face Chelsea in the finals of the FA Cup on the 19th May 2007 at the new Wembley Stadium.

Considering The Red Devils achievements in the past and the way they have grown as a soccer club and the way they have handled the difficult situations, they can be considered as the greatest soccer club of all time.


Manchester United FC is a British football club, based at Old Trafford stadium in Trafford, Greater Manchester. It is the most popular Football Club in the world with over 330 million supporters worldwide, almost 5 percent of the world’s population. The club was a founding member of the Premier League in 1992. The club has played in top division of English football, since 1975.

Manchester United FC was formed in 1978 by the laborers working at the Yorkshire and Lancashire Railway depots in Newton Health. During that time, it was termed Newton Health FC. They named the club as the Manchester United FC in 1902.

Currently owned by American billionaire Malcolm Glazer, Manchester United FC is perhaps the world’s best-known sporting brand and undeniably, football’s biggest club.

Average attendance at the club is higher than any other English football team. The club has been victorious in English football for over 20 years, since 1985-86 seasons. They have won 18 major championships, which is the highest number. They are the Premiere League’s reigning champions and have won the Premier league for 16 times.

In 1968, they won European Cup for the first time. They also hold the record for the most FA cup titles with 11 wins. Since the late 1990s, the club has become one of the richest in the world with the highest revenue of $1.4 million.

Everton FC:

Everton FC is a British FC situated in Liverpool city. This is one of the topmost successful English football clubs in respect of major honors. The club has won the League championship nine times, won UEFA Cup once, and FA cup five times. Everton FC is best known for notable rivalry against Liverpool Football Club.

Liverpool FC:

Liverpool FC is a professional English Football club located in Liverpool, Merseyside. It is the most successful football club in the English Football history. Liverpool FC has won the English League title 18 times with the last title being won in the year 1990. It has won the European cup five times, which is a notable English record. Apart from Liverpool football club, only Real Madrid and A.C. Milan have achieved the competition of Europe’s premier club several times.