One of the joys of life is the opportunity that it gives to visit different countries and see different cultures. Indeed, travelling to distant places can be lot of fun. With the salaries of people showing rapid increase more and more people are showing keen interest in visiting places which they have heard and seen in books and films alone. And one place which has risen like phoenix in the world of tourism is Manchester. That beautiful city located in Northern England. A place renown for several rocking tourist spots and smashing locales. Tourists have no dearth of things to do in Manchester.

It would be of considerable interest to know that Manchester was the place where mid-nineteenth century industrial revolution took place. This is the reason why Manchester is also referred as the first industrial city. The town is also the headquarter of the famous soccer club Manchester United. Home to some of the most dazzling locales Manchester entices the tourists to come again and again. No doubt that with people getting an opportunity to do as many things to do in Manchester as they like, the whole tour becomes a treasure of memories.

There are several things to do in Manchester for a tourist. Manchester after all is home to some of the extremely well maintained monuments, plazas, squares and gardens. Other prominent things that can be inculded in the impressive list is the Great Northern Square, Spring Gardens, Cathedral Gardens, New Cathedral Street and Chinatown. It would also be interesting to note that Manchester Chinatown is the second largest in Europe and largest in England. There are several buildings in Manchester the origin of which dates back to Victorian era.

All these things point towards one fact that there are plenty of things to do in Manchester for tourists and they can come back feeling completely contented from the time and money they spent there.