The UEFA has imposed a disciplinary action against Nelson Dida from the Milan, after the controversial incident occurred last week at the Champions League match against the Celtic.

The entire story started when a fan from the Scottish team ran into the field to touch the goalkeeper Dida at the conclusion of the game last Wednesday. Apparently, the fan only brushed Dida’s neck but he had an overreaction to the instigation which caused his substitution.

The improper behavior will cost Dida two games, as the UEFA Disciplinary Committee found him guilty after the examination of the case. Presumedly, the 27-years-old fan was just running over to celebrate with his team, as he past next to the goalkeeper he only touched his shoulder as a sign of consolation. Robert McHendry was also punished; he has been banned from Celtic ground for life.

However, Milan’s lawyer Leandro Cantamessa assured that “the club’s medical staff decided the goalkeeper should be substituted as a precautionary measure therefore Milan did not commit any disloyal act”.

While Dida will stay out for two games of the Group D, the Scottish team will have to pay 25,000 Euros for the charges: their fan’s inappropriate conduct or pitch invasion and the deficiency of the security squad. Not bad if compare to the penalization of a point from the match they won last Wednesday as it was anticipated.