The 31-year-old Brazilian professional football player Ronaldo who currently plays for the Italian Calcio Serie A could miss the rest of the season; due to his most recent knee injury which has arose plenty of worries and concerns . Ronaldo’s injury happened while playing the match between his team – the AC Milan against Livorno only last Wednesday.

Ronaldo ruptured his right knee tendon and will now face a last minute surgery in Paris under the supervision of French Surgeon Gerard Saillant. It is known by all of us that this is not the footballer’s first neither the last surgery he has had to carry through since all began back in the year 2000 with his bad knee injury; calf and thigh problems.

Ronaldo; who is considered one of the Brazilian phenomenon enjoyed success very early in life as he showed the kind of potential he was capable of delivering. After playing for a few years in the national Brazilian Championship he was scouted by Piet de Visser and was transferred to PSV Eindhoven; shortly after he was spotted by the Spaniard club Barca for whom he played during one season 1996-1997. During this period he participated in the UEFA cup and the Copa del Rey.

Then it was Inter Milan’s chance to sign the Brazilian and Ronaldo played for the Italians showered by goals and good performances until the striker suffered a knee injury and had to go into surgery for the first time. In 2002 Ronaldo participated in the 2002 World Cup opening way for Brazil to win the fifth World Title. That same year he was transferred to Real Madrid where he stayed until 2006.

The footballer then made his debut with his long remembered European team AC Milan on February 11, 2007. And continued his contract with a new team. Despite his successful career and after being named amongst the 125 greatest living football players; Ronaldo is pretty much against the wall as he is more less eight years older than when he first injured his knee and it is likely he will have to either leave for a long period and set his career on stand-by or even think about a possible retirement if his health requires it.

It is definitely a tough call for Ronaldo who has been playing in the Italian Calcio for more than a year now while things went pretty well. It is true his performance is not as it was 10 years ago but he still has it in him to excel in his game and backup his team mates. He is someone you want to have as part of any football team for the experience, the knowledge and the respect he represents.

Hopefully, we will soon enough hear Ronaldo will be back on the field and will continue to delight us with his style of play.