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Not contented with the release of Need for Speed Undercover, Electronic Arts continues to tease us further with more news on upcoming games! This time, they are bringing the #1 personal computer game franchise of all time to today’s hottest gaming platform – our iPhones and iPod touches!

The Sims 3 - Chat with Other SimsThe Sims 3 sets itself to deliver exciting new gameplay and endless possibilities on your iPhone or iPod touch. Expect to see unexpected moments of surprise and mischief while you decide whether or not to fulfil your Sim’s ultimate destinies and make their wishes come true. The game will again let you create and customise your Sims appearance and personality, then bring them out of the house and into the neighborhood for some all new open world gameplay. It’s time to make The Sims’ world your own!

Game features:

  • more than 10 hours of gameplay filled with hysterical antics and unexpected moments of surprise
  • new beautiful visuals in 3D
  • iPhone touch screen and accelerometer controls support
  • explore an ever-changing neighborhood filled with new open world gameplay
  • smarter Sims with deeper personalities, wishes and personal goals
  • Create-a-Sim, complete with various hair styles, clothes, personalities and more
  • make your Sims busy themselves with four fun mini-games including fishing, gardening, cooking and even house repairs
  • develop it’s complicated relationships with other Sims as you fall in love, make friends or rebel against the neighborhood

The Sims 3 was previously demo-ed during Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 Preview event. It will make use of some of the new iPhone OS 3.0 features like In-App purchase of accessories for your Sims. Check out the YouTube video below.

There’s no mention of a release date yet – we’ll post about it once its available so stay tuned. At the mean time, feel free to check out the screenshots that EA released, from our gallery.