Ever heard of power line networking (PLN) before? Well, if you haven’t, PLN is just like a normal LAN except that the data transmission happens over your premises electrical wiring instead of normal Ethernet cable. It is not exactly a new technology and a lot of network companies out there have PLN products in their catalogue such as the new HL106E HomePlug Turbo Ethernet Adaptor by Aztech (http://www.aztech.com/my).

Claims to be the world’s smallest PLN adaptor with a height that is just a bit shorter than a common credit card, the Aztech HL106E is able to transmit data at a maximum speed of 85Mbps over the distance of 200m between one unit to another. It is pretty easy to use as well, just plug it into your power plug and off you go; no more long and messy network cables or scratching your head to find spots with the best wireless signal around your home.

The Aztech HL106E HomePlug Turbo Ethernet Adaptor will be priced at RM 99 per unit, once it is released into the market this coming February. More product shots are available after the break.